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Our Annual Christmas Market held on 1st of December is the perfect time and place to grab unique gifts for your friends, family and loved ones, whilst supporting dozens of small local businesses and their families.

Summer is the perfect time to come down to the BP DAM with the family, make a weekend of it.

The Story of

the little white cottage

The Little White Cottage is just not a cottage but a story, a journey and a vision.
My first home in the South Burnett was a gorgeous Little White Cottage. Waking up each morning and looking over the beautiful South Burnett Landscape, simple, healing and peaceful.

Moving from Sydney to Queensland, that peacefulness shocks me everyday.
Everything that is created out of The Little White Cottage has intent. If it is beeswax candles to intent candles made from 2nd hand glass wear, to lavender and olive oil soaps, wooden platters and functional healthy food. The entire vision is to heal, nurture and produce from the land. Our range and vision is aimed at healing, nurture and produce from the land, coupled with my own person passions.

The love I has for lotions and scents come from my English Nanna who loved herb gardens and taught me all about them. My grandfather who loved woodwork and creating also had bees, always in supply of amazing honey and honeycomb.

I have a massive passion for the environment and use recycled products wherever I can. Nature inspires me with all of my creations, the colour in the food, the healing properties of the land and its ability to heal and nurture the entire self. There are so many levels to The Little White Cottage, however the mission is to bless and give something to others that will enrich their lives and comes from a story based form the land.

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